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Air freight

Air freight by Cargo Specials

Air freight by Cargo Specials is quick, save and cheap. Our company is based in Amsterdm, the Netherlands. With our global air freight network, we can guarantee to deliver your cargo anywhere in the world. As an air forwarder we completely relieve you and arrange all the paperwork. Please contact us for a quote regarding your air freight shipment.

We know that the need for urgent air freight shipping can present a stressful situation. We will support you from the very first call with a dedicated single point of contact, that will navigate you through the options. We will evaluate the best pricing combinations and manage your air freight shipment from the origin to the final destination. We do not restrict any cargo shipment. We can provide nearly every mission that fits into the plane. With our air forwarding services we can guarantee the biggest reliability, flexibility and efficiency.

Air freight rates

A shipment by air is obviously a very fast method of transport. Forwarding by air can take your freight quickly to it’s destination. Your air freight is usually delivered within a few days. As you can expect from a reliable air forwarder we take care of the entire handling and administration. The costs of your air freight are dependent on several factors. We can calculate the air freight rates based on the number of parcels, the volume and the weight. Please contact one of our agents to help you find out the best air freight rates.

International air freight

Cargo Specials offers the greatest flexibility in sending air freight. With our shipments we take care of your transport from the beginning tot the end. Therefor you are assured that your air freight is quickly delivered to their destination. We offer several methods of shipping your cargo by plane:

  • Door-to-door
  • Door-to-airport
  • Airport-to-airport
  • Airport-to-door

Air freight methods

With our door to door services we take care of your shipment from anywhere in the world. With this method we combine your air shipment with road transport. Our trucks pick up your shipment and take it to the nearest airport. From there your cargo will be transported by an airplane. On the arriving airport another truck is ready to continue transport your shipment domestically.

If desired it is also possible to take your shipment from the airport by yourself or the receiver. This kind of service is called door-to airport transport. It is also possible to send your air freight from airport to airport. In this case you have to arrange the transport from and to the airports.

Air cargo to all airports

As an air forwarder we offer several air freight destinations such as airports in the large mainland such as Asia, South America, North America, Africa, Oceania and Europe. We can nearly send your cargo to every country. If you are curious about the destinations and possibilities to send your air freight globally, please contact us for more information.

With a track and trace system we can follow your cargo in each stage of the transport. We will inform you when your freight is quickly and correctly delivered to the destination.

More than air freight

As a full service air freight forwarder we do more than only shipments by airplane. Cargo Specials offers several transport methods. From the Netherlands we operate globally with road transport, air freight, and ocean freight. We offer the greatest flexibility in international transport. We can combine every transport method relieve you completely.

When sending your air freight or other transport you can expect:

  • The greatest flexibility
  • Fast delivery all over the world
  • Competitive prices and rates
  • No stress about duty’s and incoterms
  • Excellent service from your personal agent

More information?

Would you like to get more details about air freight by Cargo Specials? Or do you have any questions about the air freight rates or possibilities? Please contact one of our agents or ask for an obligation free quote.

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